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Innovative relationship therapy

If your relationship is in a difficult place we're here to help you make things better. And by that, we're not just going to give you the usual speech about communication and being nice to each other. We offer dedicated private sessions and workshops with the intention of making a real difference.


We understand that different couples need different solutions, so we offer one-off assessments, ongoing couple therapy, intensive sessions over a course of two days, and group workshops.



"I have a new feeling of connectedness to men and an acceptance of the differences between us."


"I wish I'd had the opportunity for such a growthful experience many years earlier."




Private couple therapy

Private sessions are most appropriate for getting to the bottom of your personal and private issues. Sessions are held by one or a pair of CreativeCoupleWokers, either our colleagues or with one or both of us. Foursome work can be extremely powerful, for believe there are major additional benefits of having your relationship being supported by both a man and woman who understand what is like to be in a relationship.


Helena and Nick’s practice is adjacent Hampstead Heath, North London, UK, but see the next page for a selection of CreativeCoupleWoker therapists.

Intensive private couples counselling

For those looking to tackle their relationship issues head on and have the will to work on issues this therapy can create radical shifts in a short period of time.


Helena and Nick see couples in, North London and at ecological home in South West France, by arrangement. Other therapists may offer intensive work also.


Courses for couples

Our 'A Man and a Woman' course start with a three day intensive residential weekend course for committed couples looking to reframe relationship difficulties. This is held variously in UK, Spain, Scandinavia or Germany, and follow ollow-up retreats are also available.


These group  events are suitable for all ages and experiences, and there is no need to have done any prior psychological work, but they are not suitable for couples in severe crisis. If in doubt please contact us.


For more details of the whole programme see our other website.

Download information about next group course for couples.


If you'd like more information about any of the above, please contact us and we'd be happy to answer any questions.