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Professional training for working with couples

"I cannot recommend the CreativeCoupleWork training highly enough. It has provided a clear theoretical framework which allows me to manage couple sessions with greatly increased confidence and authority, and as a by product has given me the best personal therapy I have ever had, giving me insights into my own patterns, that has allowed me to deal with myself and my relationship in a different and more constructive way."


- A. G., Scotland


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Are you a therapist looking for specialist training in working with couples? Our expertise can give you a whole new context, new tools and help you hone your existing skills.


Working with couples is very different to working with individuals and can challenge even an experienced therapist. However, at Creative CoupleWork we've gained invaluable insights through years of experience into the kind of skills and theoretical understanding needed to facilitate real and lasting change in couples.


Now we offer a specifically tailored programme to pass these skills on - giving our graduates the confidence and skills they'll need to succeed going forward. We offer CPD workshops and a dedicated two-year post-graduate diploma course as well as follow-up supervision.



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